Letter D and E Craft for Preschoolers

Letter D Dinosaur Craft. Letter E Elephant Crafts.

Using letter crafts is an easy way for us to connect fun and learning for our students. In addition to the educational value, these hands-on crafts make wonderful classroom decorations or take-home souvenirs to show off to parents.

Today we worked with the letter-d and letter-e: D is for Dinosaur and E is for Elephant! These ABC crafts teach kids that learning can be fun too. Students start to learn word association and don’t realize how much they are taking away from the activity.

Traditional worksheets aren’t a bad thing but kids learn better through fun, hands-on activity. This activity will help students start to recognize letters, sounds, and eventually words.
This is an easy educational activity to get young children excited to learn about the alphabet. Some prior set-up like cutting some pieces, like the actual letters, in advance, and getting supplies together will help the process run more smoothly.

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Sunrise, Florida

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