Light Table Center for Preschool

Light Table for preschoolers

In preschool one fun time of the day is when the students get to do, “Centers,” and try-out various activities! One awesome idea for a center is doing a light table.

What is a Light Table?

A light table is any kind of flat surface that is translucent (like glass, plastic, a tabletop, etc.) with a source of light underneath that shines-up towards the tabletop. It has an endless number of possibilities for playing and learning with your preschool and pre-k classroom!

Light Table Activity

Sorting Beads

Parsons Family Child Care has one fun example of a great light table activity that entertained their, “Little hands,” in the form of sorting beads. The light table makes a bin full of sorting beads extra-bright when they are dumped onto the table and then students can sort them all kind of fun ways to work on their recognition-skills and concentration. Whether they are sorting the beads by color, shape, or letters it is a great way to explore and develop fine motor skills as well!

Sight Words

Pre-K students at our Danbrook Dr. preschool in Sacramento are using a light table to spell out their sight words.

Light Table: Arthropods and Insects

Learning Ship Christian Preschool

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Author: Emma Johnson

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