Liquid Science Experimentation

Liquid Science Experimentation

Liquid Science Experimentation

At Primrose School of East Edmond, they did some fun experiments with various liquids!

Amazing liquids!

The students were excited to experiment with liquids and see their reactions. The class studied how baking soda reacted to various substances, to give one example! Sprite, club soda, and vinegar were all used. It was found that the vinegar really caused quite the reaction. The kiddos were informed about how acidic and base chemicals can cause these wild reactions. They then learned about what kinds of things are more base (milk, antacids) and more acidic (soda, oranges). It was so much fun testing out various liquids. The kiddos couldn't wait to experiment with their own various liquids at home (with parents helping, of course!

Source for photos: Primrose School of Edmond

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Liquid Science Experimentation
September 19, 2021
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