Listening Ears 5 Senses week

Listening Ears 5 Senses week

Listening Ears 5 Senses weekLearning about the five senses can be A LOT of fun! There are just SO MANY activities that can be done!On our lesson about the ears, we decided to create our own pair of LISTENING EARS! So instead of just pretending to “put on” their listening ears during story time, we actually got to try it for real! Once the kids get use to the idea, it becomes a fun way to recall our classroom rules! What you will need:

  • Big Ear Print-out
  • Tape
  • Headband
  • Crayons
 What you will do:It’s actually REALLY simple! Just have the kids color the big ears and cut them out! Leave a little space on the outline so you can wrap the ears around the head band!

Listening Ears 5 Senses week
February 17, 2020
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