Listening Games to Do Via Zoom

These games involve you saying certain words, phrases, or songs that children need to closely listen to in order to play the game!

These activities are great for helping to build the attention span of young children. One is about guessing the correct color out of objects named, and the other is focused on identifying incorrect words in popular songs or phrases.

Guess the Color Game

To do this game you tell the students to listen closely while you start naming things. All of the things are a certain color and the first student to guess that color wins the round! For example, you could start saying, “Trees, Mud, Toads,” and someone would guess, “Brown!” and win the round. You can do this with primary, secondary, and even tertiary colors depending on how old the children are and how many colors they have learned.

Find the Wrong Word

For this game, you start singing a popular song but say one key word incorrectly and see if any students identify it. You also can say popular sayings and do the same thing. For example, if you went, “Mary had a little shark whose fleece was white as snow,” or, “Monday, Tuesday, Bluesday, Thursday, Friday,” the children would hopefully be able to point out the incorrect word.

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