Little activities for rainy days

Joyce M
Little activities for rainy days

Are you ready for rainy days? Have you already prepared for it? Did you already buy the proper clothing for rainy days?

If yes, then I am so happy that you are! These are our little preparation for rainy days. In my class, I introduce different things to be worn every time it rains. For example, during rainy days, I always wear my favorite raincoat and my rain boots. If I don't have a raincoat then I could use my favorite umbrella. What's the color of your favorite umbrella? Do you have one? And now we sing a song, rain rain go away come again another day, little me wants to play rain rain go away!

After the formal discussion, we did some little experiments. What I prepared were the following, a big transparent bottle, water, blue paint, and shaving cream. A simple tutorial could also be seen on Youtube.

Little activities for rainy days

Their love for the blue color goes down from the shaving cream (which is a representation of clouds).

It's time to decorate our umbrella and color it with your favorite color. It's easy to make just cut the white paper plate in halves and cut a crane-like shape on blue paper. Then lastly stick it together and let the children decorate and color their own umbrella.

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Little activities for rainy days
November 6, 2021
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