Little Lighthouse Schools , South Africa

Delia Hendrikz
Little Lighthouse Schools , South Africa

1.Bubble blowing activity :

you need straws,bowles and dish washing liquid.

children blow bubbles through strays. you can add food colouring to make it even more fun.

Bubbles Encourage Oral Motor Development. Oral motor development is the development of the mouth, jaw, tongue, cheeks (everything that is needed to speak). When a child tried to blow a bubble it can help to strengthen some of these muscles

Little Lighthouse Schools , South Africa

2. Sucking through straws:

Child must try pick up paper y sucking as seen in pics and sort by colour. Geat for oral development as well as a fun way to sort clours.

3. Sticker- fine motor coordination activity:

child get given a stip of stickers, they with then stick on their either-

names, letters,numbers or shapes. This teachers the orrect formations in a fun,practical way.

4. Practising my name:

My name worm. you can also do this with number ordering.

Teacher provides the children with sounds or numbers.

pattern by colour can als be done.

Child will cut the sounds out and then paste it in the correct order.

This develops cutting skills, name r nubers recognition, pasting skills, planning skills, develops consentration nd sound or number recognition.

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Little Lighthouse Schools , South Africa
January 4, 2021
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