Long-Distance Crossword Puzzle Activity to Do With Children

Crossword puzzles can be fun to do by yourself, but even more exciting when done in a group.

Plus, the more people that are working together on a crossword puzzle, the easier it will hopefully be to accomplish it. This long-distance crossword puzzle activity can easily be done over Zoom with children and is sure to be a great time!

Doing the Long-Distance Crossword Puzzle Activity

Before getting on Zoom find an age-appropriate crossword puzzle for the children to do. Email it to them or their parents to print-out before logging-on.Once everyone is on Zoom explain how the group will be doing the crossword puzzle by looking at each clue one-by-one and then asking if anyone knows the answer. Should someone know the answer they can offer to share it.After the correct answer is determined, everyone needs to write it on their crossword puzzle sheet.The group then continues doing the crossword until everything has been filled out correctly.

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Author: .Evelyn Harris

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