Loose parts provocation - Ants Individual work

Catholene Delport
Loose parts provocation - Ants Individual work

Loose parts provocation - Ants
Individual work

A provocation is an activity where the learners must use their imagination to create something. Our theme was "Ants" and decided to do this fun activity with them.

You place small rocks and pieces of broken sticks into 2 different containers. A small piece of playdough can be used for the eyes and mouth of the ant. You as a teacher are not allowed to tell the learners how to make the ant. During vocabulary, the learners learn about the different body parts. With this knowledge, they can construct their ant using only the rocks and sticks.

In the photo above you will see the final ant's loose parts.

My learners enjoyed it so much. It is a fun activity and the learners in the groups discussed how they build their ants.

We also explore the ants on the premises. The learners used a magnifying glass to take a closer look at the different ants and what they were doing.

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Loose parts provocation - Ants Individual work
June 21, 2022
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