Mad Science Week for Preschool Students

At Here Wee Grow Childcare & Preschool in Menifee, California they had a week dedicated to acting like mad scientists!

The entrance to the classroom was decorated with shiny streamers and warning tape plus signs about how the room was a, “Biohazard,” full of (pretend) dangerous chemicals that required a lab coat and safety equipment. All of the students had their own special name badges to make sure they were scientists cleared to work in the, “Toxic,” environment that required a lot of caution!

Studying Science

Inside the classroom/lab there was a table set up full of exciting science lab experiments, as well as, “Reading lab,” projects where students could read-up about science and how astounding it is. One of the fun projects was building molecules with little daubs of colorful ink and they had a very fun Friday when the classroom made it, “Slime time.” Everyone helped make and play with slime! It was quite the week of astounding scientific discoveries!

Here Wee Grow Childcare & Preschool
Menifee, CA, United States

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