Magic Milk Experiment

Magic Milk Experiment

Magic Milk Experiment

At Elements Preschool, they had a fantastic time doing a magic milk experiment. It is easy to do in your own classroom as well!

Materials needed for this experiment

You can do the magic milk experiment with the following items:

*Full fat milk

*Various food coloring bottles

*Dish soap (such as Dawn)

*Cotton swaps

*Large bowl or tub

How to do this experiment

To do the milk experiment you can follow these steps:

1. Pour your milk into the bowl/tub.

2. Put drops of color all around the milk with the food coloring.

3. Take your cotton swab and put a dab of dish soap on it.

4. Dip the cotton swaps in the milk and watch how the colors move!

5. Discuss how Milk is made up of minerals, proteins, and fats. When the dish soap is added to the milk it makes the soap attach to the milk's molecules.

6. Keep putting in cotton swabs with dabs of soap and have fun watching the colors all dance around!

Source for photos: Elements Preschool

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Magic Milk Experiment
June 30, 2021
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