Make a Word - Phonic

Make a Word - Phonic

Make a Word - Phonic

I brought puzzle letter for my private student can play and study to make a word from it. I showed the images first to my private student from books. Then, I made some short lines on the whiteboard for play hangman game to make he could easy to guess it and asked him the name of the images that I have shown it to him, he guessed letters then after he could find the correct answer of the letter, I asked him to wrote the letters and I also asked him to run and pick letters and form a word from letter that I have placed. He could form a word with listen my pronounce when I said it the word. He has known and remembered the name of the letters and sound of the letters. He did this activities happily, because he could run to take letters. Before do this activity, we should teach first how to say the letter and read a word which a word has three letters. Kids will find difficulty when they could not know and understand sound of the letter to form a word.

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Make a Word - Phonic
March 8, 2022
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