Making a Birthday Crown!

Making a Birthday Crown!

Making a Birthday Crown!

At Tiny Tots Academy, it was the birthday of one student! In honor of their birthday, they got to make a crown out of construction paper, stickers, glue, and markers. It was great fun!

Materials needed for this craft

To make your own birthday crown you will need the following:

*Construction paper (color of your choice)

*Stickers (any kind you like)




How to do this craft

To create your birthday crown you can follow these steps:

1. Take your construction paper and cut out slots to make it look like a crown.

2. Decorate the top and rim of your crown with stickers.

3. Write, "Happy birthday," and your name if you want on the crown.

4. Glue the ends of the crown together.

5. Wait for the glue to dry.

6. Wear your crown upon your head and celebrate how it is your birthday!

Source for photos: Tiny Tots Academy Preschool

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Making a Birthday Crown!
November 19, 2021
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