Making a rainbow bread

Making a rainbow bread

Making a rainbow bread

When the weather at my place is raining,then it's time to give them lesson about rainbow.So I give them experience to make their own breakfast and teach them about rainbow too.So here it is.Rainbow bread!

Before the activity take place, I sing a rainbow song with them.Im also show the picture of real rainbow and name the rainbow colour .All the kids show the excited reaction because they loved the rainbow so much.So,It's time to the activity.What we need is only some milk,food coloring and the bread.Im used 3 cup only because not enough food colouring.I used some milk and three food coloring which is red,yellow and green.Pour milk into a cup and added a drop of food colouring. ask kids to stir the milk and look their reaction when a white milk change the color.You can use either food brush or spoon to brush on your bread.Let them be creative to make their own rainbow on bread.After that,they can eat the bread.

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Making a rainbow bread
July 30, 2022
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