Making Barn Art

.Evelyn Harris
Making Barn Art

Making Barn Art

At Garden of Dreams Community Preschool and Child Care, they visited an art center located at, "Battle Creek," and saw an exhibition of barn art! The children looked at drawings and painting of old barns and then made their own barn art!

Materials needed for making barn art

To make your own barn art it is best to have:

  • A canvas to display your creation when done
  • Markers, pens, paint, whatever you want!

How to make barn art

To make barn art follow these steps:

  • Talk about how barns look and what they are used for, like keeping animals safe.
  • Take your canvas
  • Gather your items to make the barn art
  • Draw/paint a barn by making sure to use the general shape and design.

Source for photos: Garden of Dreams Community Preschool and Child Care

Making Barn Art
July 16, 2020
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