Making Bear Caves Craft

Making Bear Caves Craft

Making Bear Caves Craft

At the Learning Tree, they did a fun craft where they made caves out of construction paper for bears and then glued a picture of a bear in their cave! The kiddos learned all about hibernation and how in the wintertime bears will sleep in their caves until it is Springtime (like now) when they emerge and enjoy the nice weather!

Creating nice homes for the bears

The kiddos had a grand time using their construction paper to cut out a cave shape and then used their pens and markers to make the cave more detailed. They then glued a picture of a bear in their cave and used their markers and pens to draw the area outside the bear's cave. Some drew a nice day, some drew cold and starry nights, the creativity was impressive!

Source for photos: The Learning Tree

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Making Bear Caves Craft
May 13, 2021
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