Making Candy Corn Trees

Making Candy Corn Trees

Making Candy Corn Trees

At ABC Preschool they had a week dedicated to candy corn and one fun project they did was making candy corn trees! This was a stellar activity for preschool students who practiced their fine motor skills placing the candy corn upon the tree branches.

Materials needed for making candy corn trees

To make candy corn trees you will need:

*A tree print-out

*Candy corn

How to make candy corn trees

To make candy corn trees follow these steps:

1. Take your print-out and put it in front of you.

2.Grab pieces of candy corn and put them one at a time on the branches on the tree. Make sure each tree has a candy corn at the end.

3. Once all the candy corn has been placed you can pick it up and eat it as a delicious treat! Save your print-out and use it again in the future if you want.

Source for photos: ABC Preschool

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Making Candy Corn Trees
September 24, 2020
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