Making Funny Panda

Phan Ngoc Thao
Making Funny Panda

Arts and Crafts: Making Panda Climb tree.

This is a fun and fun crafting activity made from Kitchen Towel Tube!

When doing this activity, children not only participate in drawing, cutting and pasting skills, but also learn about the difference in weight between two objects.

The student in the video clip is Vietnamese, so you can see how she does it and follow it!

Or follow the details below!

1. Raw materials:

- Kitchen Towel Tube

- Glue

- Drag

- Paper

- Colored pencils (black)

- Green watercolor (light and dark)

2. Steps to take:

Step1: Color the paper roll with light green. Then draw the stem and leaves of the bamboo tree.

Step 2: Draw a panda and stick it on cardboard if your paper is too thin.

Step 3: Tie an object heavier than the weight of the panda drawing to a string and tie the two ends of the rope through the hole in the paper core.

Step 4: Glue the Panda to the rope (note: If the item inside the tube is on the bottom, stick the Panda on the string above the top of the core).

Hope you will complete this product with your students!

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Making Funny Panda
November 6, 2021
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