Creating our Names Out of Hieroglyphs

Creating our Names Out of Hieroglyphs

Creating our Names Out of Hieroglyphs

At St. John the Baptist Catholic School, they learned about ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs this week. After learning about these symbols that represent letters and words the students created a new name tag for their desk by writing their own name in hieroglyphs!

What are hieroglyphs?

Hieroglyphs are symbols and letters that were used by the ancient Egyptians as a way to have a written language. For years those who researched these symbols were unsure what exactly they meant. However, in 1799 the Rosetta Stone was discovered. When it was discovered, nobody knew how to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. However, the stone had three inscriptions that all said the same thing in three different scripts, and scholars could still read Ancient Greek (one of the languages, so the Rosetta Stone became a valuable key to deciphering the hieroglyphs.

Making a name out of hieroglyphs

The kids referred to a sheet of paper (their own personal Rosetta Stone) to see what symbols could represent the letters of their name. Then, they put these symbols on a piece of paper that then was used as their nametag at their desk. Learning about ancient Egypt and hieroglyphics was so much fun!

Source for photos: St. John the Baptist Catholic School

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Creating our Names Out of Hieroglyphs
January 26, 2021
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