Making Noodle-Bodies Craft

Making Noodle-Bodies Craft

Making Noodle-Bodies Craft

At St. James Preschool, they made noodle-bodies out of different kinds of dry noodles and it was a very fun activity! Everyone learned different body parts and had a fantastic time using different sorts of noodles to create bodies.

Different body parts

The children learned about a number of body parts we have that were illustrated with noodles. There are our fingers that are connected to our arms, our ribs, and pelvis, plus our legs and toes! Different noodles were great for making these different parts of the body apparent, and kids had fun gluing all the noodles on their sheet to create a body!

You can do this activity with your students!

To do this activity with your students all you need is an assortment of noodles as well as some paper and glue! Then you can review the body parts of a person and assist them in creating a model of the human body.

Source for photos: St. James Preschool

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Making Noodle-Bodies Craft
October 4, 2020
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