Making Puppets That Look Like Ourselves AKA Me Puppets

Making Puppets That Look Like Ourselves AKA Me Puppets

Making Puppets That Look Like Ourselves AKA Me Puppets

At Phoenix Children's Academy, Dobson, they made, "Me Puppets." These were puppets created out of paper bags and various decorations that looked just like the students--think a portrait in paper bag puppet-form!

Materials needed to make a me puppet

To make your own me puppet you may want the following items--although you don't have to have all of them:

*A paper bag

*Googly eyes




*Construction paper



*Paper plates


*Anything else that would look good on your me puppet

How to make your me puppet

To make your me puppet follow these steps:

1. Fist, make sure you paper bag is upside down as when you use it as a puppet you will put your hand in the opening to it.

2. Begin cutting-up craft supplies and gluing them to your me puppet so that it looks like you. For example, if you have blonde hair, use yellow yarn, if you have freckles, use glitter, if you wear glasses you can cut some out of construction paper to glue around your googly eyes--anything you want!

3. Once you've finished your me puppet let the glue dry.

4. Stick your hand in your puppet and show it off to everyone!

Source for photos: Phoenix Children's Academy, Dobson

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Making Puppets That Look Like Ourselves AKA Me Puppets
September 17, 2020
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