Making Rainbows Over Zoom

Making Rainbows Over Zoom

Making Rainbows Over Zoom

At Prince of Peace Preschool, many students have been learning remotely over Zoom. The school thought of a fun group activity where everyone drew the outline for and then painted/drew a rainbow as a group over Zoom, bringing everyone together even if they were far apart!

Materials needed for your rainbow

To make your rainbow over Zoom you will need:

*A computer with a webcam and internet access

*A canvas/large piece of paper/chunk of cardboard

*Black marker

*Markers, Crayons, or Paint--tempera or acrylic works well

*Paintbrush (if using paint)

How to make your rainbow over Zoom

When you are ready to make your rainbow over Zoom follow these steps:

1. Use your computer to connect to your Zoom meeting.

2. Have everyone gather their supplies.

3. Use the black marker to draw an outline of a rainbow.

4. Use your paint and paintbrush or markers/crayons to paint/draw within the lines with each color of the rainbow--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (light blue, violet (light purple).

5. Wait for the paint to dry if you used paint and show-off your rainbows over Zoom to all your friends that everyone painted together!

Source for photos: Prince of Peace Preschool


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Making Rainbows Over Zoom
August 27, 2020
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