Making Snowmen/Snowwomen Out of Boxes and Jars!

Making Snowmen/Snowwomen Out of Boxes and Jars!

Making Snowmen/Snowwomen Out of Boxes and Jars!

At Colonie Community Daycare Center, they did a fun craft using leftover glass jars and small cardboard boxes. They created Snowmen and Snowwomen!

How this craft was done

To create the snowpeople, they took these items and a lot of white paint. They painted the jars and boxes white all over. Then, they waited for the white paint to dry After that, they used other colors of paint to decorate their snowmen and snowwomen with eyes, noses, smiles, and other facial features. The students waited for the other paint to dry then used snow gear to decorate their creations just as if they were real snowmen and snowwomen wearing hats and scarves! It was so fun creating these snowpeople who didn't melt!

Source for photos: Colonie Community Daycare Center

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Making Snowmen/Snowwomen Out of Boxes and Jars!
January 25, 2022
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