Marbled Hearts with Shaving Cream and Watercolor

Sarah Tetschner
Marbled Hearts with Shaving Cream and Watercolor

-We made marbled hearts in our preschool classroom.

Here's how we made them.

1. First we cut out the heart shapes from tag board (cardstock, the heart is about 8" tall.

2. After we cut out the shapes we gave each kid a heart

3. Next we put out all of the ingredients. Shaving cream, watercolor paint and a popsicle stick for stirring.

4. After we gave each child their shaving cream and paint, they stirred all of their paint together, they took the cutout heart and placed it on top of the mixture and then peeled it off.

5. After peeling it off, we had to scrape off the shaving cream while it was still wet, which then appeared a marbled look of many different colors.

6. When the marbled heart was finished we had the kids decorate it with marker, and then played in shaving cream

After the hearts were dry, we taped up the hearts into our classroom tree, by sparkly ribbon, and put their names on each heart.

Marbled Hearts with Shaving Cream and Watercolor
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Marbled Hearts with Shaving Cream and Watercolor
February 10, 2022
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