Colour matching activity

Daria Pak
Colour matching activity

Colour matching activity

The children in my toddler room looooooove to read the book, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" I usually sing the book and help them do the matching activities - head&tail matching and colour matching.

Especially, I love the guitar song and you can also find the song on Youtube.

The link is here ->

This guitar sound makes me feel very calm and relaxed and seems to help children stay focused on the lyrics and the melody.

I also label the animals in different languages so that the children can have opportunities to learn other languages and to respect other culture.

I laminate the printouts and cut the small animal pictures into circular shapes.

At the back of the laminated animal pictures, I put velcro so that children can put the animals pictures on the color sorting paper(this one also should be laminated).

Through this activities, children can identify the pictures of animals and colours and express pleasure as they make the animal sounds.

Preschoolers can also do the head&tail matching activity and teachers can ask open-ended questions such as "what would the blue horse say if he had duck's tail?" to help them think creatively :)

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Colour matching activity
May 23, 2021
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