Matching numbers

Anny Evelyn
Matching numbers

My student loves dinosaurs, so to catch his attention and teach numbers, I made a dinosaur draw in e.v.a foam paper and used some bottle caps to match the numbers and fill the pattern of the dinosaur with numbers 1 to 10.

The pattern helps to improve visual perception, fine motor skills, language and math (learning numbers). Can help to teach numbers vs quantity, colors as well (if you put colorful numbers, and improve language as we can create phrases to fit the story over the dinosaurs. We can add “eggs” as numbers in addition to this layout.

He loves lithos activity and I see that has helped him to focus and concentrate in the activity.

It can be reached from preschoolers to older children’s that have showed problems to concentrate. I used foam paper but can be printed or drawn. Also can be laminated to preserve form water and from being ripped. I think os a great way to have a cheap and useful resource for class.

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Matching numbers
March 18, 2021
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