Paper Chain Math Challenge for Kids

Kathy Bryant
Paper Chain Math Challenge for Kids

Every week, my kindergarten team posts a 'challenge' for the students to work on over the weekend. These challenges are geared towards a fun and tactile way for the kids to explore and manipulate numbers. Challenges can be completed easily with items found around the house, so it is not necessary to buy the materials for each challenge. Math challenges are optional so there is no need for students or parents to worry if they do not have the materials on hand. Some examples of our challenges include scavenger hunts for 2D and 3D shaped items, paper tape 10 frames on the floor to fill with items, or cup stacking.

Our paper chain challenge was very popular with the students as it allowed the kids to get creative with their paper chain designs. The challenge initially involved only 20 links but the students went further by numbering, decorating and adding to the chain to make an interesting and beautiful project.

Paper Chain Math Challenge for Kids
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Paper Chain Math Challenge for Kids
September 1, 2020
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