Melting Leftover Candy Canes Science Experiment

Melting Leftover Candy Canes Science Experiment

Melting Leftover Candy Canes Science Experiment

The Christmas season was many months ago and sometimes people forget to eat their candy canes. Instead of throwing out old and expired candy canes, you can use them for a fun experiment--just like at Lancaster Cooperative Preschool!

Testing the candy canes

The candy canes were inserted into various solutions and the children predicted what they thought would happen as the candy canes were inserted. Then, they studied the candy canes and noted down what happened. The candy cane put in the hot water dissolved a lot, the one in cold water dissolved some, the candy cane in vinegar dissolved a little too, and the one in oil did not dissolve much at all. It was fun using these old candy canes in a clever way instead of just tossing them in the garbage!

Source for photos: Lancaster Cooperative Preschool

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Melting Leftover Candy Canes Science Experiment
May 7, 2021
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