Mirrors, Lights, and Toys Exploration Activity for Preschoolers

At Ronnie’s Preschool in Winnepeg, Canada, they thought of a very clever and fun activity for preschool students that encourages exploration and curiosity!

They used hollow toys (in this case the Dena Toy brand) as well as mirrors and child-safe lights. Putting these objects together encouraged the stacking of the hollow toys and then looking down them to see a reflection in the mirror! By adding other objects like books to create an enclosure it helped make the beautiful reflections of the mirrors and lights work even better. It was easy to set-up, with just some sturdy mirrors, “Fairy Lights,” and hollow toys like the Dena Toys needed. You can easily do it too!

Objects Needed for the Exploration Activity

To do this activity you simply need:

  • Sturdy mirrors
  • Child-safe lights
  • Hollow toys (such as Dena Toys)
  • Other items such as more toys or books if wanted

Then you just lay everything out and encourage your preschooler to explore and have fun!

Ronnie’s Preschool
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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