Missing Addend, Making 10, Addition

Jodie Neukam
Missing Addend, Making 10, Addition

Missing Addend, Making 10, Addition

We used valentine erasers to practice with addition, number to make 10 and missing addends

We worked together whole group. Students that grasped the concept were put with a partner and gave their partner their own equation. The ones that had trouble worked in a small group with the teacher.

We continued the next day and started with the erasers in the smaller bubbles to equal the bigger number in the bigger bubble. This will carry over with fact families and is used as part-part-whole.

We also will eventually use this concept with subtraction. We will start with the bigger number in our equation. Then we will have a missing addend to complete our equation. The class was quiet, focused and enjoyed this learning activity. By the end of the lesson all students seemed to grasp the concept.

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Missing Addend, Making 10, Addition
January 27, 2022
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