Modelling Clay Monsters Craft

Modelling Clay Monsters Craft

Modelling Clay Monsters Craft

Modelling clay monsters craft is a great craft idea for little ones!

1.Begin talking about modelling clay and how to use it to create figures. Head, arms, legs, etc.

2.Ask about modeling clay characters they know.

3.Brainstorming: possible character types for modeling clay character. We can suggest a monster.

4.Draw the character they want to create and colour it.

5.Create the wire body

6.Create the modelling clay character.

7.After they have finished their characters, bring them together and talk about their characters and describe them.


Simply click on the picture for it to open at full-size, then print it! You can use plain printing paper as well as the A3 format.

Modelling Clay Monsters Craft
January 13, 2020
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