Mondrian-Inspired Art Activity

Mondrian-Inspired Art Activity

Mondrian-Inspired Art Activity

At Reach for the Stars Childcare, they did an art activity inspired by the great painter, Mondrian. Mondrian used geometric shapes and bright colors to create his works, something the children had a ball doing as well. They used construction paper instead of paint to make less of a mess, however!

Materials needed for this art activity

To do this art activity you will need:

*Construction Paper--Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black

*Scissors to cut the construction paper into pieces

*A large piece of white paper for mounting the construction paper pieces


How to do this art activity

To create your Mondrian-inspired artworks follow these steps:

1. Cut your construction paper pieces into squares and rectangles.

2. Put your construction paper squares and rectangles on the large mounting paper in geometric patterns so they make squares and rectangles out of the white space as well.

3. Glue your squares and rectangles into place once they are situated to your liking.

4. Wait for the glue to dry.

5. Show everyone your Mondrian-inspired art!

Source for photos: Reach for the Stars Childcare

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Mondrian-Inspired Art Activity
September 25, 2020
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