Mother's Day Nail-Heart Craft

Mother's Day Nail-Heart Craft

Mother's Day Nail-Heart Craft

At Stoneview Children's University, they spent some time preparing for the upcoming holiday of Mother's Day that happens in early May. To get ready, the students created a fun nail-heart craft. It was an extremely hands-on way to make a really neat heart that looked rugged and creative at the same time!

How the nail-heart craft was made

To create this nail-heart craft, the kiddos took a block of wood the teacher gave them and used a pen to mark the spots the nails would go to make a heart. After marking the spots to put the nails, the children very carefully lined a nail up on a spot, gently hammered it in, and repeated this process until all the nails had been hammered in and made the shape of a heart upon the completion of the craft! It looked great and will surely make a fantastic Mother's Day gift in less than a month when the holiday happens.

Source for photos: Stoneview Children's University

Mother's Day Nail-Heart Craft
April 14, 2021
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