"Mud Farm," Sensory Play Activity for Preschoolers

.Victoria Garcia
"Mud Farm," Sensory Play Activity for Preschoolers

"Mud Farm," Sensory Play Activity for Preschoolers

At First Presbyterian Preschool in New Bern, North Carolina, they did a sensory play activity that was as fun as it was messy!

They made a, "Mud Farm," out of chocolate pudding (unsweetened coca made wet works too) and then played around in it, feeling the textures and using farm-themed toys that worked perfectly with the muddy theme! They used farm animals as well as toy tractors and little people to all be in the, "Mud."

The tractors let them make little tracks so that they were engaging in, "Mud painting," and the farm animals looked right at home playing around in the, "Mud." Plus, because it was just pudding there was no health risk that could come from playing with actual dirt or mud (that can be full of germs).

Benefits of, "Mud Farm," Sensory Play

Doing this, "Mud Farm," sensory play helps to encourage creativity in children, assists those with sensory issues get used to touching other textures, and provides a great, "Free play," or, "Center," activity that can be incorporated into any teaching unit about farms in preschool

First Presbyterian Preschool
New Bern, NC, United States

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"Mud Farm," Sensory Play Activity for Preschoolers
March 13, 2020
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