Preschool Calendar Printables

Preschool Calendar Printables

Preschool Calendar Printables

This room decoration was used to work daily the months, days of the week, dates, seasons, feelings, temperature, weather and birthdays. It can also be used in home.

It can be used to mark the answers on the calendar a rubberized with velcro (adhesive) or teacher pilot.

This classroom or home decoration, was designed by me in order to help my children in teaching / learning a foreign language.

The ideal is to print the calendar twice and then cut out the images, paste on cardboard and laminate.

Behind the images by a velcro (adhesive) so that it can be easily removed, avoiding erasures in the calendar.

Simply click on the picture for it to open at full-size, then print it!

Preschool Calendar Printables
June 2, 2020
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