My learning time

Joshua Ong
My learning time

He is in the spectrum and currently learning about Parts of Plant (1) and measurement (2).

I'm able to identify the parts on the plant now even though it may take a little time for me to memorize it. Also, the teacher had taught me about the functions for each parts and i finally able to identify the parts and its function on the plant. Sometimes i may get frustrated during learning but my teacher didn't give up on me and encourage me to learn.

As for the measurement, I used a longer time for me to understand the concept of measurement. My teacher used different kind of materials and medium during teaching. Yet, i may not get it and wondering why should i learn this and why do we need to measure the things around me. Although i'm able to answer the questions or give the expected answers but i still dont understand why should i measure the things.

I will continue to learn and hope my teacher will continue to teach me with different materials or worksheet.

My learning time
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My learning time
July 11, 2021
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