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my students and my class

my students and my class

my students and my class

So far, I have conducted classes on various topics. Animals, houses, fruits, transportation, and color were the subjects of the class.

The children I teach are two to six years old. It's fun to have a class with kids. I am proud to see the children are cute and speak English.

Two or three-year-olds prefer to dance and sing, and sometimes they like to make. Friends aged 4-6 can imitate English well and make good use of the materials they prepared.

In the picture, we make a train for jumping on the numbers.

My baby students like to listen to the book especially transtportation.

I make some subject every week and prepare some stuffs.

It was hard for me to prepare class materials, but I am so happy to find such a good website. Thank you so much for providing good data for free.

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my students and my class
August 30, 2022
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