Nest Craft for preschool and toddler students

Misty Barnhart
Nest Craft for preschool and toddler students

This is an easy to do craft for any preschool student or toddler. This craft goes along with my letter of the week 'N'. Along with this craft, I have the child color a nest before hand.

To make this craft more of a challenge for older preschool students, feel free to draw straight lines or slightly curvy lines on the brown construction paper and allow the child to cut the strips of paper. Also feel free to add other textures to the nest such as brown/yellow yarn pieces.

N is for NEST craft:


• 3 blue ovals (eggs) on construction paper

• Brown strips of paper cut from 2 different shades of brown construction paper

• Paper plate and glue

Nest Craft for preschool and toddler students

STEP 1: Child cuts out blue ovals (eggs). Help child if necessary

STEP 2: Glue blue ovals (eggs) to center of paper plate.

STEP 3: Spread glue all over edges of the paper plate.

STEP 4: Take individual strips of brown paper and glue 1 at a time onto the glue on the plate.

STEP 5: You have created a nest with blue eggs.

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Nest Craft for preschool and toddler students
August 29, 2020
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