N is for Noodles Activities

N is for Noodles Activities

N is for Noodles Activities

At Ready Set Grow Preschool, they learned about how N can stand for noodles! They did a couple of fun center activities involving the letter N and noodles.

Gluing noodles on the letter N

The students glued uncooked/hard elbow noodles onto pieces of paper with the letter N. They also circled the letter N on worksheets after gluing the noodles!

Playing with colorful noodles

The kiddos also had colorful spaghetti noodles they had fun manipulating. They felt the textures and used scissors to cut them up! It was a lovely time cutting up the noodles and mixing and matching the colors while feeling the textures. Learning about the letter N and playing with noodles was so much fun!

Source for photos: Ready Set Grow Preschool

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N is for Noodles Activities
April 8, 2021
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