N is for Noodles Crafts

N is for Noodles Crafts

N is for Noodles Crafts

At PromiseLand Preschool they discussed the letter N and how N can stand for noodle. After talking about that, the kids did two fun noodle-themed crafts!

Painting with noodles

The students were given sheets of paper with the outline of an, "N," drawn on them, and then used noodles that they dipped in paint and then used as paintbrushes! It was so much fun using the noodles at paintbrushes!

Noodle necklaces

The kiddos used string that they then looped through dry noodles to create noodle necklaces. They used differently shaped and colored noodles to create some beautiful necklaces they then were able to give to loved ones at home! It was so much fun learning how N is for noodle!

Source for photos: PromiseLand Preschool

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N is for Noodles Crafts
August 15, 2021
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