Name Recognition Clothespin Game

Name Recognition Clothespin Game

Name Recognition Clothespin Game

At Growing Minds Family Preschool, the children had a lot of fun doing a fun game where they took clothespins that featured the letters of their name and put them in the proper order underneath a sheet of paper that had their name.

Putting the name in order

This game was a wonderful activity as it helped to further develop fine motor skills (such as a pincher grasp, and recognition of letters for spelling out one's name. You can do this with your students too by simply getting a sheet of paper, writing their names, then taking some clothespins and gluing little pieces of paper with the letters of their names on for the kiddos to match.

If the children are skilled at spelling their name, you can add another fun element by having kids compete to see who can clothespin their name the fastest when given a handful of jumbled-up clothespins---maybe give kids with longer names a little headstart, though!

Source for photos: Growing Minds Family Preschool and at this link.

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Name Recognition Clothespin Game
December 15, 2020
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