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Nature Vocabulary

Dayana Miranda
Nature Vocabulary

Words to describe nature

Looking for words to describe the nature around you? From the meadow to the desert find words to describe different types of natural settings. Learn several vocabulary words you might use to describe nature.

arctic - polar region

beach - where water and land meet

cave - natural or unnatural chamber underground

cliff - rocky edge at the sea or ocean

coast - edge of land near sea or ocean

countryside - rural land and scenery

desert - dry, arid area with little vegetation

environment - the area around you like plants, animals, and people

field - an open area of land

forest - area with lush trees and vegetation

hill - an area of land that is slightly raised

island - an area of land that is surrounded by water

lake - water body surrounded by land

land - the Earth’s surface that does not have water on it

meadow - a grassy area, typically near a river

mountain - a large raised area in the surface of the Earth

ocean - vast expansion of saltwater divided into five sections

rainforest - a forest that gets high levels of rain

river - very long natural stream of water that goes into the sea

sea - the saltwater that covers most of the surface of the Earth

valley - an area of low land between mountains or hills

volcano - mountain or hill with a crater that erupts lava and hot vapor

wild - area that is uninhabited

Words to Describe Things in Nature

Beyond just nature itself, you’ll also find nature words to describe those things living in nature. These might include the soil, grass, or insects singing at night. Dive into more words to describe things that live in nature.

animal - living organisms which eat organic matter

bird - egg-laying vertebrate with feathers, beak, and wings

branch - part of the tree that grows from trunk

bush - a clump of shrubs

fish - cold-blooded vertebrate with gills

flower - part of the plant bearing seeds

fungus - a spore-producing group of organisms which feeds on organic matter

grass - short plants that grow in yards and pastures

insects - small invertebrate animal with over six legs and wings

leaf - flattened structure of the plant and where photosynthesis happens

moss - flowerless plants without roots that grow in carpets

mud - soil that is saturated with water

path - area with little vegetation that is good to walk on

plants - living organisms that use photosynthesis like trees and flowers

pond - a small area of water surrounded by land that forms in an embankment

rock - solid minerals that form Earth’s surface

sand - loose material that covers some beaches and deserts

scenery - natural features of any landscape like trees and flowers

shrubs - short, woody plants

soil - the outermost layer of the Earth where plants grow

trees - woody plants that typically have only one trunk

waterfall - a stream of water that falls from a higher area to a lower one

wave - body of water which curves as it breaks the shore

wildlife - collective word for animals in the wild

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Nature Vocabulary
October 19, 2022
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