New ABC Book & Song: The Apple Bear Cookie Book

Lynsie Sabbatelli
New ABC Book & Song: The Apple Bear Cookie Book


Our ABC book and song, The Apple Bear Cookie Book & Song, were created over 30 years ago by my mom, Susan Sabbatelli, to teach her kindergarten students letter sounds and the ABCs.

Watch our ABC book and song in action for free here:

It’s great for ages 0-6 and the only ABC book that uses rhythm and rhyme throughout it. In the Apple Bear Cookie Book, every letter of the alphabet is listed with a word and a character or object, which altogether makes up the fictional town Apple Berry County.

This children's book is a tool for teaching various reading readiness skills.

- The vowels in this book are red and the consonants are blue to differentiate the two.

- The words "hog", "jog", "log", "row", "van", and "yak" represent C.V.C. words (consonant, vowel, consonant).

- The words "frog", "hog", "log", and "jog" introduce rhyming and word families.

- The words "an", "and", "are", "for", "how", "I", "is", "like", "the", "to", and "you" can be referenced to teach sight words.

We look forward to everyone across the globe reading, chanting, singing, and dancing along with the Apple Bear Cookie Book to learn the letter sounds of the alphabet.

Thank you,

Lynsie Sabbatelli

Co-Founder of Apple Bear Cookie Co.

New ABC Book & Song: The Apple Bear Cookie Book
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New ABC Book & Song: The Apple Bear Cookie Book
July 29, 2023
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