New At Homeschooling

Julia Fehr
New At Homeschooling

Hello I'm just now starting homeschooling my 5year old daughter Kyleigh Fehr for kindergarden this is my first year and I've been trying to get her curriculum set up. I dont really have pictures yet to show since this is our first year but I would love some of the printables for math, reading, whatever you have available if possible.

I've started her an ABC curriculum, a number curriculum 1-100 but starting with 1-10, 1-20 working our way up. I'm in the middle of finishing the binders for ABCs it's a 26 week curriculum a letter a week same with the numbers only its longer since were going to 100. I've got my teacher planner an student planner ready to be printed an put together as well.

Any information on how to get started would be helpful as well. I appreciate all the free worksheets everyone has to offer. it's nice to be able to set our own curriculum for the kids an I think it makes them learn better.

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New At Homeschooling
September 8, 2020
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