Number-Matching Puzzle Houses

Number-Matching Puzzle Houses

Number-Matching Puzzle Houses

These puzzles feature houses that hold different numbers within the home. These numbers are expressed in a variety of ways and children can do the puzzle by matching all the expressions of the number correctly so they build-up the houses!

Number-Matching Puzzle Houses

The houses go from one to five on this sheet. Everything can be printed out and then laminated so that the puzzles can easily be done and reused by multiple students. The puzzle print-outs are below:

How to download and print pictures

You can download these puzzle houses of1 to 5 on our website without having to pay anything simply by adding a post of your own with photos of the activities you did with your children. For more details on kinds of posts to add, click here.

You can also buy the entire set of number puzzles houses from 1 to 10 on our store website at this link.

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Number-Matching Puzzle Houses
November 17, 2020
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