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Ocean drifting bottle

Ocean drifting bottle

Make a ocean drifting bottle with crepe paper

Ocean drifting bottle

Materials: crepe paper, plastic bottle, LED light, glue, brush

Teacher cuts the dark blue, light blue, sky blue, purple and fluorescent yellow crepe paper into circles of various sizes.

Teacher mixes the glue with water to make it thin.

Kids paint the glue with brush to the inside of the bottle. Teachers can remind children to apply a little first to prevent the glue from drying.

Kids put the crepe paper where there is glue. The crepe paper will fade when it touches water. Teachers can provide wet wipes for children to wipe their hands.

Cover the inside of the bottle with crepe paper and let the glue dry.

Put the LED light in the bottle and turn it on. Take your child into the dark place to see it!

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Ocean drifting bottle
October 26, 2022
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