Octopus Craft for Preschool Students

Sara Smith
Octopus Craft for Preschool Students

Octopus Craft for Preschool Students

This craft involves making an octopus out of a cupcake liner and some other easy-to-find household supplies!

Becky's Family Daycare did it (as pictured) and the kids had a fantastic time making their own squirmy sea-creature! They made their octopuses after reading the fun story, "Tickly Octopus," and they came out great. Here are the directions for how to have your preschoolers make their own!

Needed Supplies:

  • A cupcake liner (one for each student)
  • Purple paint
  • A blue sheet of construction/cardstock paper for each preschooler
  • Multiple sheets of purple and pink construction/cardstock paper (these will be cut into strips and circles)
  • 2 Large googly eyes for each preschool student
  • A bunch of Cheerios cereal, or any cereal shaped like an, "O," will work
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to Make An Octopus:

1. Cut 8 strips which will be, "Tentacles," for each octopus out of the purple paper.

2. Glue the cupcake liner to the blue paper and then glue the 8 tentacles onto the liner as well.

3. Use the purple paint to make the cupcake liner look purple.

4. Cut a little pink circle out of the pink paper which will be your octopus' mouth for each octopus and glue it onto the now-purple cupcake liner.

5. Glue the googly eyes onto the purple cupcake liner too, now you've made an octopus!

6. For extra fine motor practice now the preschoolers can put bits of glue on their octopus's tentacles and place the Cheerios/circular cereal there.

7. The octopus is now done and looks great!

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Octopus Craft for Preschool Students
September 2, 2019
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