One Doesn't Belong Worksheets

One Doesn't Belong Worksheets

For these worksheets, there are 4 creatures that students can see. However, one creature does not really fit the theme for a particular reason in each picture. These worksheets are a good way to identify how animals can be different and not always be part of a theme.

One doesn't belong

One Doesn't Belong Worksheets

For this worksheet, everything pictured is an insect except for the bird. While everything pictured does fly--something students may notice--the bird is not an insect and does not belong.

This worksheet is a little tricky! It has a mammal that flies (bats, an insect that flies (mosquito) a mammal that glides (squirrel, and a dolphin jumping high. What doesn't belong? Well, the dolphin is the only creature not found on land! Not everything flies, not everything is a mammal, but everything except the dolphin is found on land!

On this worksheet, it is all animals that can jump or run fast, but only one is not a mammal. The grasshopper does not belong!

This worksheet is a little tricky too. Every animal has big horns or mandibles, but everything is a mammal except for the beetle. The beetle does not belong.

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These worksheets are a fun way to discuss differences!

One Doesn't Belong Worksheets
May 12, 2021
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