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Our Year Portfolio

Bonnie Lewis
Our Year Portfolio

This year I asked my principal for 2" binders, one for each of my kindergarten students. We are using it as a year long keepsake that gets added to weekly, biweekly, or monthly (depending on our time and schedule). I believe it will be an excellent way to show their growth and an amazing keepsake for their families!

Within this binder students have created a daily calendar, which includes a craft for each month we are in school. It also includes their pictures from various activities we have done within the classroom as well as field trips.

It will also contain a piece of writing from the students for every trimester of school, allowing their parents to see the immense progress their children make from the beginning to the ending of the school year.

I also decided to include a classroom cookbook from our Friday foods days that I have done. They are simple and easy recipes that families can duplicate at home. I anticipate it to be a great success for the conclusion of their school year.

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Our Year Portfolio
October 24, 2022
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