Outdoor Learning Center Ideas

Outdoor Learning Center Ideas

Outdoor Learning Center Ideas

At Torah Tots Early Childhood Center, they did outdoor centers to encourage exploration and creativity! It was a fun way to be outdoors (as long as it wasn't too cold) and enjoy doing activities.

Glass painting

Carefully painting a pane of glass resulted in a piece of artwork that looked beautiful as the sun shined through it!

Cereal sensory bin

A sensory bin full of colorful cereal was fun to crunch-up and play with.

Faux flower potting

Everyone loved taking pretend flowers and putting them in Play-Doh they imagined was dirt. They used pots too just like real flowers are found in.

Painting stepping stones

The children took colorful stepping stones and added more colors to them with their paint in his outdoor center. It was so much fun being creative outside!

Source for photos: Torah Tots Early Childhood Center

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Outdoor Learning Center Ideas
January 17, 2021
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